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Want to step your foot into Morocco or Africa for the first time?

Morocco is the place to start. It is located in the westernmost part of North Africa. It will bring attractive, exotic and cultural views when traveling to Morocco. We have all the answers you need while planning and arriving here. 
You will find all the answers you need, if not, let us know and we will tell you and add here!

Is Morocco safe for travel? 

No country is 100% safe. However, Morocco is safe for the most part with low crime rates. It is best to remain observant and keep all your valuables in a safe spot. Millions of tourists arrive in Morocco every year and it is one of the most visited countries in Africa, only after Egypt. As with many tourist destinations, there may be some pick-pocketing or scams but there are still many must-see places and nice people in Morocco. Moving in small private tours or groups will be helpful and provide more safety while you are here.

When is the best time to visit Morocco? 

While Morocco is a country with heavy tourism, there are of course some times that are better than other times.
The best time to visit Morocco is March – May, late September to November. This time frame represents the best months as the climate is best for traveling for both city and desert. However, this also means it is a popular time to travel.
If you are able to stand some cold or hot weather, you try to avoid those months, as there will be many tourists, therefore crowded and rates might be higher than usual. During Ramadan, the weather is not extreme but there may be limited activities and services, but it is still possible.

What are the most popular destinations in Morocco?

Every destination has its own color, varying from the red city to the white city to blue city and wonderland of sand. 
+ Asilah
+ Casablanca
+ Chefchaouen
+ Dades Valley 
+ Ouarzazate
+ Essaouira
+ Fes/Fez
+ Marrakech
+ Tangier
+ Merzouga

What languages are spoken in Morocco?

There are two standard languages of Morocco. The languages are Arabic and Berber. According to World Atlas, between 60% and 80% of Morocco’s population is Berber speakers. Due to colonization of French colonial authorities, French is also largely used in Morocco along with English and Spanish.